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Meet Sav from North County San Diego

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Ganja Chica Culture is a blog that introduces cannabis enthusiasts , connoisseurs , medical patients , and industry heads to the grassroots and real people that make up the cannabis culture in Southern California .

Meet Sav from North County San Diego . Sav is a decade long cannabis user . She is deeply connected to the plant . Sav has an extensive 420 background having worked in the industry pre prop 64 . These days Sav is an expert customer service specialists at March and Ash dispensary in Vista Ca and also reps for the cannabis distribution / marketing company Pedalfast . We caught.up with our homegirl and had a little smoke and question session .

Ganja Chica : What is your favorite method of consumption and do you have a preference for indica or sativa ?

Sav : I definitely prefer indica but also like sativa and hybrids for unique flavors . As far as consumption , I like everything but primarily flower . I enjoy the sharing experience of passing a joint around and bongs . Edibles would be a close second .

Ganja Chica : What do you like about working in the cannabis industry ?

Sav : I love helping those that can benefit from cannabis and don't know anything about it . The joy comes from the education aspect of informing about the medicinal aspects and how to use to improve the quality of life . I also love working with the people that work in the industry .

Ganja Chica : At this moment in time what 3 brands are the most popular in your circles ?

Sav : In North County San Diego in the pre roll category , I would say Baby Jeeter . In our shop they move well . They are little potent infused pre rolls , rolled in keif , and reintroduce natural terpenes . As far as edibles , Kiva's Lost Farm gummies and chocolate bars are super popular . Lastly in the flower category , Fresh Baked from the LBC grow super good flower .

Ganja Chica : Do you have any thoughts on the California legal market pre and post prop 64 ?

Sav : Being around since before prop 64 I have mixed feelings . California legalization cut out a lot of quality cultivators and consumers due to regulations . On the flip side it's cool I can legitimately work in the cannabis industry in a union job with full benefits . It's also cool I can roll around with small amounts of cannabis and not worry about getting arrested .

Ganja Chica : What does Ganja Chica represent to you ?

Sav : It means loving cannabis and being authentic in your self expression . It also means diversity , freedom of expression , and finding joy in the common love for cannabis .

Ganja Chica : You can follow Sav on Instagram @savy.thang

Let us know what you're smoking on . What strains are popping in your circles ? Drop a comment

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