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 Stay tuned , Ganja Chica Culture will feature mixtapes , cyphers , live shows , on location interviews , photoshoots , art shows , events , and anything cool that represents Southern Cali / Ganja culture . Ganja Chica supports the underground ( especially the chicas ) . We are always looking for NEW music , art , and fashion to share . At Ganja Chica we spread the love and dopeness .


Do you have a song , music video , graffiti piece , dance video , or fashion style that you think represents Ganja Chica culture ? Send it in , If we dig what your doing we will post and share it on our Ganja Chica Culture blog , Facebook ,Twitter , and Instagram . Please email all submissions to . Include a ( short ) bio , press photo ( attachment) and links to your music , video , and social media pages . Include "submission"  in the subject header to get some shine . 

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