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High! High! Relax, Enjoy, Blaze it Up & Shop!

Welcome to Ganja Chica Clothing, a legacy clothing brand that has been preserving the culture of 420 style and spirituality since 2015. We offer a wide range of unique cannabis-inspired clothing that won us 3rd place for Best California Cannabis Clothing Brand in 2023. Become a part of our journey towards fashion, consciousness and cannabis. 

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Ganja Chica presents "A Day of Enchantment" 710 Edition
Ganja Chica presents "A Day of Enchantment" 710 Edition
Music & Shopping, Craft Services, Choose from our Intivtive Card Reading, Two of massage therapist, Partake in our dab and flower area.Have fun in our craft area Make your own fairy garden, candle magic, art therapy, make your own bath soak. Unwind the night with our yoga & sound bowls experience
Jul 13, 2024, 4:00 PM – 10:10 PM
Riverside, CA, USA

Cannabis-Inspired Fashion for the Elevated Mindset

Founded in Vista California, whose aim is to promote cannabis awareness and fashion culture. Our clothing is inspired by Hip Hop, Low Rider culture, Skater/Surfer culture, Rasta culture, and classic Southern California Bohemian style. We believe in creating new 420 trends and providing unique clothing experiences. Join our community, and let us inspire you to make a statement with your Elevated 420 style!

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