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Benefits of Reiki

Physical Benefits of Reiki


* Reiki works on all chronic and acute illnesses, including serious problems like heart disease and cancer as well as skin problems, flu, fatigue, headaches, and back pain.


* First Aid (as it speeds up healing).


* Reduction in pain and nausea after allopathic treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery.


* Your body being more fully prepared for surgery, including using less anesthesia, and a shortened recovery.


* Tissue regeneration to replace scars and burns.


* Lessening of arthritis pain, stiffness, and increased ease of movements.


* Improved circulation to reduce swelling from many causes (injury, surgery).


* Balancing of the organs and glands and their bodily functions.


* A lessening and relieving of symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other auto immune diseases.


* Strengthened immune system, and improved capacity of your body’s ability to clear toxins.


* Supports pregnancy and childbirth, and afterwards. Many women report painless childbirth using Reiki.

Reiki Treatment

Mental Benefits of Reiki

* Your mind becomes calmer


* Improved memory


* Enhanced creativity


* Help contacting the ‘healer within’ and relief from emotional upset, anxiety and depression


* Restful sleep with more vivid dreams during sleep.


* You think clearer and you can ‘see’ clearer


* Increased self-confidence. You will be able to answer your own questions  

knowing that you have the answers.


* Enhanced personal awareness

Spiritual Benefits of Reiki


* Increased intuition and creativity leads to a more purposeful direction in life.


* Feel more connected and in tune with others and the universe.


* Peace

Reiki Treatment
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Reiki Infused Angel Cards Readings/Distant Healing available 

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